Saturday, 7 February 2015

Progress and a bit of a grumble (sorry!)

I hope you don't mind if I grumble a bit you see I've not been feeling great since the start of January - sinus problems that are just not clearing up bleurgh! I've got no energy my face is tender and I am feeling just plain old sorry for myself! I am so tired and I can't concentrate to get college work done and it's starting to mount up eeek! so I've got a dr's appointment on Monday to get this sorted out. Never really had sinus problems like this before no doubt just run down like everyone else is at the moment and not able to fight this off, working with young children who kindly share their bugs isn't helping lol.
Okay grumbles out of the way I have done a little bit of stitching here and there.....when I really should have been doing college work eeek! Ok let's not think about that. Anyway I have managed a bit more on BBD's stitch along from last year I have been slowly plodding (and yes it does feel like plodding) my way through those eyelet goodness who would have thought they could take soooo long and there are soooo many of them!
I am loving the gold and blue combination. See nearly done yeah, those little guys will soon be behind me and I can move onto some other stich ok what's next...arghh more eyelets! ok plodding on...

Ooh I have to share, I've been a teensy bit naughty.....just a little mind, Ive bought a new knitting pattern by Clare Devine and some gorgeous wool to knit it with, sorry couldn't resist needed a little wooly project to have on the side and it is little, just a wee hat! My other knitting projects are all packed away in a box at the back of my cupboard. After my big clear out last summer I put all my knitting projects away to stop tempting me when I knew I was going to have a lot of college work to get through, I made sure they were pretty much inaccessible unless I emptied the cupboard...yeah didn't really think that one through did I?

Isn't it a pretty pattern? Iam not knitting the baggy version just wouldn't look right on me as I've got fine straight hair so the more fitted version it's going to be. Aren't I lucky the pattern comes in two versions? It even comes with a pattern for wrist cuffs, now they are pretty but not for me I just don't get it gloves yes, fingerless gloves yes, wristlets ok but cuffs.??? I am sure I am waaaay behind in trends still it's great you get three patterns for the price of one.

See I've already made a start seems to be going ok so far easy little project to pick up and put down when the mood strikes.

Thank you for popping by and hope you are well let's hope Spring is not too far away now.