Friday, 13 November 2015

It's been a busy week

It's been rather busy lately here in our household what with starting a new job, albeit part time, hubby being away all week on business, throw in parents evenings and being the only taxi driver available ....I am pretty shattered. This is one of those odd occassions when I ask myself why we chose to live in a small village *grumble grumble*. Tonight is the first night of the week at home the kids and I are having a movie night; bliss just to not have to drive someplace.
I have managed to sneak in a few precious minutes here and there to craft, definitely helps me to de-stress! With the imminent arrival of my sisters baby at the back of my mind I rummaged through my yarn stash to see what needed used up, a ball of cream yarn, a part used multi coloured yarn and a weeny bit of bright pink. Ravelry came up trumps with both these patterns; hat and cardi

Just needing some buttons........if I can only remember where I put my button tin?

All very easy, simple and quick knits just what I was needing they will be finished once pressed and buttons attached.
I also did a little retail therapy and ended up with these..
I had my eye on them after stumbling across Helen Philips blog recently, such pretty eye candy. This pattern in particular appealed to me.
There is just something about the colourful stars on the white background just love it! After a rummage through my material stash I realised that I just didn't have a great selection of brights so I bought these
My excuse were they were on sale so the damage wasn't too bad. I also purchased some paper diamonds as the pattern is for English paper piecing. I have done this before my first quilt was done with paper piecing but in squares so this will be new to me. I also found myself *cough* slipping this teeny weeny kit in with my purchases. 
It is teeny honestly and I just couldn't resist ...ok I am weak!
Oh I so hope my hubby doesn't read this but I did some more shopping.
Not sure what I will use these for but I just love the Tilda fabrics (the three on the left). 
There has been progress made on the baby crochet blanket it is slow going though I find I lose  enthusiasm after a few rows..must persevere.
Oh and just one more purchase to share with you all this..
Well actually there is two of them for a wee project, but I will tell you more next time!
Thanks as always for popping by and have a lovely weekend.