Sunday, 22 January 2017

January Blues

The harr round here has not lifted for 3 days solid I hate having to have the lights on all day eurghh. Anyway enough of the moaning. 2017 has been productive so far.
Socks for my boy have been completed

I've used the spare yarn to knit socks for my nieces a baby and toddler pair just have to hope they fit.
My daughters have been completed too. I tried knitting these two at a time on the same needles but I found the yarn constantly tangling a little irritating.

Also completed another scissors fob by Sue Hawkins. 

Love the teeny bells.
Have joined the scrappy granny stripe blanket craze that seems to be sweeping the world at the moment. I plan to use all those little scraps of sock wool that I end up with. This will be a long term project as I don't actually have many scraps left at the mo! An excuse (like I need one) to knit more socks yeah!
Just a short update this month. I have finished my Hundred Acre Wood shawl but it needs blocking. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays is the name of the yarn Iam knitting my Christmas Eve sock cast on with, but I do hope you are all enjoying the holidays too. I finished work on the 23rd and then before I knew it Christmas had come and gone! Have spent the last two days visiting family but we have no plans for the rest of the holidays other than chilling out and pleasing ourselves which is rather a nice thought.
My daughter picked this yarn out for socks for herself so I cast them on last night would love to have them finished before the holidays are over.

This shawlette Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart was started at the end of November but I've only recently just got round to blocking it and weaving in the ends. I used yarn from The Wool Barn called  Pebble Beach and it is just sooo warm, soft squishy and cosy love it!

Just love this shawlette so much I've already cast on another of Helen's patterns, Hundred Acre Wood  which Iam about 3/4 done already yeah!

I have been on a bit of a finishing spree lately, had a bit of a tidy up for the holidays as you do and realised just how many projects are in progress or nearly finished or just waiting to be properly finished off. I have been following the lovely Vona of a Twisted Stitcher fame for a few years now and recently discovered her  Vlogs. I have really enjoyed watching her step by step finishing tutorials which encouraged me to have a bash, it was like having Vona there beside me each step and I did it. Oh my I can't quite believe it but I did it I finished two small pillows. Woohoo go me! They are not perfect and I just went for the simple pillow finish (baby steps folks, baby steps).

The stitching on this Sampler House by With Thy Needle and Thread was finished years ago and now I get to enjoy it displayed in my finished bowl rather than stuck in a plastic bag waiting to be made into a pillow.

After completing these little pillows I decide to finally tackle my sons cushion which I have posted about before. Well folks it's done and dusted and I now have one happy wee boy. Phew! I will not be rushing into anymore tapestry cushions in a hurry although I do have a kit in the attic for a cat one *sigh*.

I also finished two small scissor fobs from Sue Hawkins which I think are just soo adorable. I have a couple more kits of Sues still to do.

Finally I made this Tilda Sleepy Angel from a book I borrowed from my local library called Christmas Crafts or something like that I don't have the book anymore to double check. I think he turned out rather ok for my first project and I've gone ahead and bought a Tilda book with gorgeous quilts and stockings in though when I will ever get round to making anything from it is beyond my comprehension right now.

I really do want to continue on my finishing spree before buying or creating new projects as I feel a bit like Iam sinking under so many projects at the moment. Iam not one for new year resolutions but I really do think for the sake of my sanity that I need to stop buying new projects till I clear my horrendous stash as it is making me feel a little ill just thinking about what I have. Maybe I need to go through them in a stronger moment and have a purge we will see.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Catching Up

Goodness me, it's been a while since I last popped on here. No excuse really it certainly wasn't  intentional.....just life I guess. I have been busy craftwise though making and creating but just never found the time or the urge to blog really. I think part of the reason is because I discovered vlogs and podcasts over the summer and frankly became hooked. I found I could listen/ watch and still do my knitting or stitching at the same time. It just became easier to tune in and create than to write my own blog. Although I enjoy the vlogs and podcasts that I watch I have no intention of joining them. I think they are very brave but not for me. So my wee blog is long overdue an update. (eeek! I've just noticed I last updated in April)

Right what have I been up to......
It seems so long ago now but Marmaduke is finished.

I think I will just pop some pictures on here to show what I've been doing.
Sorry they may seem a bit random. I've become hooked on sock knitting any info about these socks can be found on my Ravelry page just click on projects to see the others.

Some other knitting projects.

A crochet pot to hold my crochet hooks which I manage to keep loosing.
Stitching hasn't been forgotten.
This is a little teacup pouch. 

A couple of long overdue birth samplers.

Some new projects to start and some I've finished but not got photographed yet.
To be honest Iam not sure how often I will be posting now as this post has taken over two hours to get to this point. Blogger doesn't make posting easy. I think it may be time to look at other social media platforms I don't know maybe instagram? Never used it but I do like the idea of not spending hours trying to post a few words and pictures.  If anyone has read this and has any suggestions I'd be most receptive. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Look what arrived in the post

What a lovely surprise to recieve in the post this morning. I couldn't think who would be sending me flowers, hubby assured me it wasn't him and the cheeky blighter asked why anyone would want to send me flowers! Just as well were out for tea tonight or he would be cooking lol. The flowers were from my lovely wee sister so thank you Cate x they were a wonderful surprise and have made a great start to the day.

I have finished the little house kits that I bought from Glasgow. The stitching was pretty much straight forward with these kits. 

Those little windows are so cute.
My favourite is the little apple tree with the little red bead apples or at least I think they are meant to be apples.
but I am having terrible problems with one of the beads on the red house as you've probably spotted.
This is the third time it's fallen off, it's a real pain in the bahooky to stitch on now the roof is on.
Would welcome any suggestions for reattaching apart from glueing which will be my last resort. All other beads are attached nice and firmly.
Love the snow on the roofs and the silver thread adds a little bling which I hope the Xmas tree lights will pick up as I do like a little sparkle! 
I love the little hinges stitched onto this door.
I always underestimate how long these projects are going to take and yep majorly underestimated these. Sheesh! they looked so small and straight forward too. Oh well live and learn! They were incredibly footery to stitch together and I majorly messed up on the felt bottoms the red felt bottom was originally stitched onto the plastic wall of the green house, did wonder why it was so tight stitching it in ....arghhhh! Didn't notice till I came to putting the green house together *sigh* oh well it's all sorted now....apart from that dratted bead!

The cat card is coming along slowly I seem to do a lot of stitching with not much showing but it's nearly there now.
Marmaduke (yes I've named him) looks so much better with his back stitching done.
However I think his whiskers look kinda like spiders legs eeek!
Look at those pretty flowers.
Dad popped round for a cuppa and a natter as he's been away. Pippa (dads dog) enjoyed finding all the sun spots in the lounge.
Thanks for stopping by.