Saturday, 9 April 2016

Look what arrived in the post

What a lovely surprise to recieve in the post this morning. I couldn't think who would be sending me flowers, hubby assured me it wasn't him and the cheeky blighter asked why anyone would want to send me flowers! Just as well were out for tea tonight or he would be cooking lol. The flowers were from my lovely wee sister so thank you Cate x they were a wonderful surprise and have made a great start to the day.

I have finished the little house kits that I bought from Glasgow. The stitching was pretty much straight forward with these kits. 

Those little windows are so cute.
My favourite is the little apple tree with the little red bead apples or at least I think they are meant to be apples.
but I am having terrible problems with one of the beads on the red house as you've probably spotted.
This is the third time it's fallen off, it's a real pain in the bahooky to stitch on now the roof is on.
Would welcome any suggestions for reattaching apart from glueing which will be my last resort. All other beads are attached nice and firmly.
Love the snow on the roofs and the silver thread adds a little bling which I hope the Xmas tree lights will pick up as I do like a little sparkle! 
I love the little hinges stitched onto this door.
I always underestimate how long these projects are going to take and yep majorly underestimated these. Sheesh! they looked so small and straight forward too. Oh well live and learn! They were incredibly footery to stitch together and I majorly messed up on the felt bottoms the red felt bottom was originally stitched onto the plastic wall of the green house, did wonder why it was so tight stitching it in ....arghhhh! Didn't notice till I came to putting the green house together *sigh* oh well it's all sorted now....apart from that dratted bead!

The cat card is coming along slowly I seem to do a lot of stitching with not much showing but it's nearly there now.
Marmaduke (yes I've named him) looks so much better with his back stitching done.
However I think his whiskers look kinda like spiders legs eeek!
Look at those pretty flowers.
Dad popped round for a cuppa and a natter as he's been away. Pippa (dads dog) enjoyed finding all the sun spots in the lounge.
Thanks for stopping by.


Vickie said...

You did a most excellent job at the houses. Marmaduke is adorable as is Pippa. :D

Kim said...

What a gorgeous bunch of flowers....a vision in purple. Your little houses are adorable. Such tiny stitching. I love all the details.

Christine Barnsley said...

Beautiful flowers Ali and I love the houses that you have stitched.... shame about the bead. It is difficult to stitch beads once the project is stitched together.... I think I would glue! Enjoy the sunshine! Christine x

Brigitte said...

These little houses are stunning. So perfectly stitched and assembled, a great job, Ali. Like Christine I would also glue the little bead. Sewing it on now the house is assembled would certainly be most difficult, I think.
Nice progress on Marmaduke :) And enjoy your lovely flowers.

Ali said...

Thanks girls definitely think gluing is going to be the way to go with that bead.

Annette-California said...

Look at your beautiful sweet houses. I want to call them mini gingerbread houses. You did an amazing job making them. Those sweet tiny projects take a lot of time to make but look at what you've learned and accomplished! Fantastic & Congratualions. Those flowers are gorgeous! love Annette

Margaret said...

Love those houses! So sweet! And Marmaduke -- adorable!