Tuesday, 22 September 2015


..moves slowly but passes quickly! Oh how true. Summer crept in so quietly that we were barely aware it was here and now Autumn is just around the corner I can feel it in the cooler nip in the air and can see it in the turning colours of the leaves. I love Autumn it is probably my most favourite season of the year I am looking forward to crisp morning walks and swishing through the fallen leaves (I've never grown too old for that and hope I never do). I am looking forward to making warming meals and to seeing the back of salads and to not feeling guilty about spending evenings crafting or reading books. I've been doing a lot of reading lately the books are piling up, I think I am making up for lost reading time over the last two years. No job yet so Iam trying not to feel guilty about spending my time doing the things I enjoy. I have started and completed a couple of projects.

This was a quick project that I just fancied stitching on the spur of the moment I suspect I was feeling the need to get a bit of summer in somehow! It is a design by Madame Chantilly called On the Beach. I wanted to use stuff from stash rather than buy new for this project so some of the thread colours differ slightly from the suggested threads in the chart and the linen was cut from a large piece that I inherited from my grandmother. I have been spending *cough* a fair bit on professional framing lately so thought as I was was being frugal with this piece I'd try my hand at diy framing. Ordered a made to fit frame on line but it's too much a solid white Iam thinking of  getting the sandpaper out. Overall Iam ok with this piece but I am not sure I will be doing too much diy framing in the future as the quality of this frame is not great and considering the quality not that much cheaper. Ah well lesson learnt!
While I was looking out the bits and bobs for the Madame Chantilly piece I uncovered a couple of finished pieces from quite a while back that were needing framed. I just got this one back from the framers and I really like the colours. 

Sorry about the reflection and yes that is me on the floor. Not sure where I am going to hang it. Sorry  I can't remember much about this other than it was a kit based on a Scottish Sampler, usually I keep patterns but this has obviously gotten lost / misplaced over the years. If anyone recognises it please let me know and I will amend this post accordingly.
I love the different stitches that have been used and yes spot the mistake that I only noticed after I got it back from the framers, probably why it had been stuffed in the back of the box.
I have also been doing a little knitting I found a lovely scarf type shawl pattern on Ravelry called  Settler Shawl. I had purchased a couple of skeins of yarn from Nina's Threads and I've just noticed a similarity to the colours in my Scottish Sampler wow how weird!
 This is a lace weight yarn in the fabulously named Blueberry Yoghurt colourway.
This is Winterberry a fingering weight yarn and the one I used for my scarf/shawl. 
This is where my Settlers Shawl is currently at. Just waiting for my blocking wires to be delivered I am soo excited oven ever blocked a piece of knitting properly before!
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