Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays is the name of the yarn Iam knitting my Christmas Eve sock cast on with, but I do hope you are all enjoying the holidays too. I finished work on the 23rd and then before I knew it Christmas had come and gone! Have spent the last two days visiting family but we have no plans for the rest of the holidays other than chilling out and pleasing ourselves which is rather a nice thought.
My daughter picked this yarn out for socks for herself so I cast them on last night would love to have them finished before the holidays are over.

This shawlette Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart was started at the end of November but I've only recently just got round to blocking it and weaving in the ends. I used yarn from The Wool Barn called  Pebble Beach and it is just sooo warm, soft squishy and cosy love it!

Just love this shawlette so much I've already cast on another of Helen's patterns, Hundred Acre Wood  which Iam about 3/4 done already yeah!

I have been on a bit of a finishing spree lately, had a bit of a tidy up for the holidays as you do and realised just how many projects are in progress or nearly finished or just waiting to be properly finished off. I have been following the lovely Vona of a Twisted Stitcher fame for a few years now and recently discovered her  Vlogs. I have really enjoyed watching her step by step finishing tutorials which encouraged me to have a bash, it was like having Vona there beside me each step and I did it. Oh my I can't quite believe it but I did it I finished two small pillows. Woohoo go me! They are not perfect and I just went for the simple pillow finish (baby steps folks, baby steps).

The stitching on this Sampler House by With Thy Needle and Thread was finished years ago and now I get to enjoy it displayed in my finished bowl rather than stuck in a plastic bag waiting to be made into a pillow.

After completing these little pillows I decide to finally tackle my sons cushion which I have posted about before. Well folks it's done and dusted and I now have one happy wee boy. Phew! I will not be rushing into anymore tapestry cushions in a hurry although I do have a kit in the attic for a cat one *sigh*.

I also finished two small scissor fobs from Sue Hawkins which I think are just soo adorable. I have a couple more kits of Sues still to do.

Finally I made this Tilda Sleepy Angel from a book I borrowed from my local library called Christmas Crafts or something like that I don't have the book anymore to double check. I think he turned out rather ok for my first project and I've gone ahead and bought a Tilda book with gorgeous quilts and stockings in though when I will ever get round to making anything from it is beyond my comprehension right now.

I really do want to continue on my finishing spree before buying or creating new projects as I feel a bit like Iam sinking under so many projects at the moment. Iam not one for new year resolutions but I really do think for the sake of my sanity that I need to stop buying new projects till I clear my horrendous stash as it is making me feel a little ill just thinking about what I have. Maybe I need to go through them in a stronger moment and have a purge we will see.


Vickie said...

Oh I like your daughter's choice of sock yarn. :) The shawlette is so very pretty.

Christine Barnsley said...

Lots of lovely finishes Ali! I am glad you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2017! Hugs Christine x (PS. My son is Xander too!)

Margaret said...

Oh I feel your pain! I'm the same way -- too many projects in stash and too little time to tackle them -- thus a feeling of being overwhelmed! I guess we both need to get busy! I love all your projects though. Everything is beautiful! Your finishing work is perfect too!

Brigitte said...

The days between the Christmas holidays (we have two) and the new year have always been a time for chilling and relaxing and doing the things we like best.
Happy Holidays is a great name for a yarn. And it looks gorgeous. I also love the colour of the yarn your daughter chose.
You have been really busy and accomplished a lot of things.
Happy New Year, Ali!

Karoline said...

Lovely finishing and the angel is gorgeous.

I'm a sucker for Helen Stewart's designs too. I have her Whispering Island shawl on the needles at the moment, they are such fun to knit