Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The great de-clutter! Part 1

Sorry I have been absent from my blog for this past wee while. I also apologise in advance for the non stitchy content of this post. I've not been particularly busy with stitching and stuff partly because it's the school holidays and the kids are home all day and we are into the third week of the already? The weather has for the most part been fab and sunny so lots of time spent outdoors tidying the garden and reading. And partly because my girls are going to start secondary school after the holidays, can't believe my little girls are going to secondary school? I can still remember them stumbling around taking their first steps for goodness sake!

Anyway they have been grumbling for some time now about wanting their own rooms/space soooo we are clearing out the craft/computer/laundry storage/general dumping ground room. Which means *takes deep breath* The Great De-Clutter, omg the amount of stuff we have literally stuffed into this house has frankly amazed and shocked me. Why throw things away when one day we might need them tic? But seriously the things we have held onto... I wasn't sure where to start but certainly not in the craft/computer/laundry storage/general dumping ground room for sure. 

I need space in the rest of the house to move this stuff into which means clearing out cupboards and attic space ....I've been at this for nearly two weeks now and Iam still not finished! *hangs head in shame* out of our bedroom cupboard alone which is a huge 4 door walk in job we cleared out 11 bin bags, stuff we had held onto from our youth just when did I think that I was ever going to wear the shorts again that I wore when I was in my teens??? My hubby's old lumber jack shirts??..sentimental old fools that we are! All gone now though. Next it was the under stairs cupboard and the hall cupboard both looking so much better now and yet another trip to the charity shop and one to the local recycling centre at least I can no walk into my under stairs cupboard haven't been able to do that in a loooong time. 

Now we move onto the attic space which is very limited as it's really an under the eaves space as we extended our house up into the loft space a good few years ago now...yes I can hear you all 'well she can't have much stored under there then' ...oh how wrong you all are *hangs head in shame* it really is amazing the amount of crap stuff that you can squeeze into these small spaces I really truly was stunned and amazed myself! Although in this instance I have to say hubby's the main culprit as he has a bad habit of stuff it in there and forget about it deal with it later attitude so he had many large boxes to clear out along with just about every gadget we have ever owned box that was stored in there. The cardboard bin is now full to over flowing. 

Around about this time I thought it might be an idea to keep a record for the future of the amount of stuff coming out, you know just so we can remind ourselves how bad we once were should the urge to stuff something else into the back of a cupboard or the attic should ever arise again! So...
And this is just a fraction of what came out of the attic. All in I made two round trips to the local recycling centre.
And this lot cluttering up my sons bedroom...
Will be heading shortly to the charity shop once I get my backside in gear! But first breakfast and a coffee calls..


Solstitches said...

It must be a great feeling to offload so much unwanted stuff.
It looks as though you've been working very hard. I wish I could motivate myself to do something about the clutter in my house.
Happy summer with your girls.

Ali said...

Thanks Margaret it is quite therapeutic just wish we'd tossed this lot years ago lol

Penny said...

It can definitely be a monumental task to de-clutter and really amazing just how much stuff we can accumulate. I think my husband is the worst. He never throws anything out because don't you know ~ he's going to fix it some day. :) It looks like you've done a good job. Children really grow up too fast. Enjoy your time with them this summer. :)