Wednesday, 18 March 2015

BBD progress...nearly there!

I hope everyone who celebrates Mother's Day in March had a wonderful day. My son made me a lovely picture instead of a card as he told me I could then keep it up all year instead of a few days like a card aww he can be sweet!
My kids gave me some lovely homemade gifts this year and all very practical too.
A very handy tote bag personally designed for me 💕
And a beautifully handcrafted wooden spatula 💕

I even managed to squeeze in a little bit of stitching over a few days last week.
I've managed some stitching on 'her sampler' by BBD. Another band of those bloomin eyelet stitches sheesh! so glad they are over and done with.
Oh what joy to be back stitching cross stitches and how much quicker my stitching went too.
This is where I am up to as of today. Another border of those blasted eyelet stitches has finally done for me lol. I've given up and put it away again. Although to be honest I had to put it away in favour college course work. Hope you all have a faby week and thanks for stopping by.


Christine Barnsley said...

Hi Ali! Your children gave you some lovely Mother's Day pictures and gifts! Your sampler is looking beautiful.... it will be worth all those eyelet stitches in the end! ;) x

Ali said...

Thank you Christine the end is in sight now with those eyelets! x

Kim said...

What lovely Mother's Day gifts. Your children are so sweet. Your sampler is looking lovely....and dare I say it, so are those eyelet stitches.

Ali said...

Thanks Kim...yep eyelets = dirty word round here now lol x

Brigitte said...

Such lovely gifts for Mother's Day.
I can hear you on the eyelet stitches, lol. And there are definitely a lot of them in this little sampler. BUt they are looking really gorgeous.

Mereknits said...

Such a lovely card from your son. Wonderful gifts, glad you were spoiled for Mother's Day.

Sue said...

Homemade gifts are always the ones you remember when they grow up. Glad you enjoyed your mothers day

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Ali, Do you know, I really think gifts made by our children are the most precious gifts we can ever receive. My daughters are in their 30's and 40's and I still have gifts which they made for me when they were little girls.
I have to tell you Ali your needlework is absolutely beautiful.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Best Wishes to you.