Sunday, 4 May 2014

A finish and trip to Dundee

It's been a while since I last posted don't know what happened to the time a mixture of the Easter holidays spending time with the family and college work I guess but I do have something to share and I see I have some followers, oh my goodness! well hello and welcome *waves* thank you for joining me, guess I had better get on and write something now!
I have managed to finish my Sampler House project by With Thy Needle and Thread.
Really pleased with how it's turned out.
The soft white for the windows really lifts this. I've just got to 'finish' it properly now which should be *mumble mumble* well let's just say soon...ish.
Iam still working away on my socks I am nearly done with the second sock.
 I just have just one eensy weensy, teeny weeny problem......
my knitting tension, obviously I must be knitting tighter than I did the first sock as the second is definitely smaller......sigh!
Ah well I am going to look on this as a learning curve albeit a steep one! For future sock projects I plan to knit both socks at the same time. Fortunately daughter two still wants the socks maybe when I wash them they won't be too noticeable in size difference? Or they may end up as binners.
So why did I mention Dundee in my post title? Well yesterday hubby needed to make a trip to Dundee so we all decided to go as well cos it's not like I don't have anything else that I should be 
doing such as writing up reports and studying for some fast approaching exams eeek!!!
Anyway this is where we ended up
This is Dundee's waterfront looking up the estuary towards Newburgh. As you can see the tide was out and the water was eerily still.
This photo is looking down the river and you can see the Tay Railway Bridge and if you look closely at the picture at the other side of the bridge you can just make out the stumps of the bases of the original Railway Bridge, the famous Tay Bridge Disaster, they stand there as poignant  reminder of that tragic night. The original Tay Bridge collapsed on the 28th December 1879 killing all passengers and crew. There is a memorial here at the waterfront for all the victims but I was unable to get a photo as there was a family looking at it. 
The reason I am showing you pictures of the waterfront is because this is where we had lunch, not in the lovely looking restaurant housed in replica Victorian railway station, no we need to go round the back of the station to this...
An authentic 1870's railway carriage (apparently it was operational around the time of the Tay Bridge Disaster) which has now been converted to a fabulous little take away.
If you look closely you may just be able to make out hubby and daughter placing our lunch order which for me was the most amazing bacon and egg roll oh my it was good, so good I forgot to take a picture before it was gone!
Goodness I haven't half waffled on well done to anyone who has made it this far down the post without falling asleep. I do have more to share about the point of my trip to Dundee and some new goodies I would love to share with you but I will have to leave that for another day as I have to get on with some college work boo.


Margaret said...

Lovely stitchy finish! I love that design! Bummer about the socks being different sizes. I have to admit that's one reason I'm afraid to try knitting socks. Nice that there's a 2 socks at once method. Lovely pictures of Dundee!

Karoline said...

Your Sampler House is lovely, congratulations. Shame about the socks

Great photos of your day out :)