Friday, 4 March 2016

A dose of the blahs!

Can't believe we are into March already, it feels like the year is starting to rush by and I am stuck in the blahs boo hoo! I have been busy with work and as a supply worker I've been busier than usual of late but it looks like the run up to Easter will be quieter whew! I have decided on three (it was meant to be two eek!) projects to try and complete this year. In no particular order:-
A biggie Miss Mary Ann Bournes, as soon as saw this chart I fell in love with it I have a thing for bees in needlework so this really appeals to me. I have kitted this out with the suggested linen and silk threads. The linen is a lot darker than I thought it would be so Iam swithering about changing it ......oh I just don't know. Decisions decisions...... Arghhh! Wow this was a real budget buster but I hope it will be well worth it! Next
Ann Grimshaw from the Scarlet Letter. I have had this chart in my stash pile for a good few years and when I saw it was chosen for one of the challenges on the scarlet letter I just knew it's time had come. I've chosen 40 ct vintage maritime white by Lakeside Linens and Uniform Blue by The Gentle Art. Lastly..
Another Scarlet Letter chart Sarah Dutnel that has been in my stash for far too long. I suggested it for the The Scarlet Letter members choice stitch along in the hope that others may join me and keep me motivated to stitch this. I have kitted it out with the suggested silk threads and 40 ct Light Exampler linen from Lakeside Linens.
Due to the blahs I just can't seem to get myself motivated to stitch anything I don't know why but just wish this spell would pass. The way things are going I won't have one let alone three of these projects finished wahhhh!!!
I did finish a baby hat that I had started at the end of last year it was meant for my niece but I think it will be too small now.

I entered a competition just before Xmas and was thrilled to win sime books they arrived a couple of weeks ago. Love the packaging and now I've plenty of new reading material to keep me busy.

If you have made it this far thank you and I will try to be more cheery in future posts...nobody likes a misery guts.


Christine Barnsley said...

Good luck with finding some stitching energy Ali... those new projects look a lot of fun! Have a lovely weekend.... enjoy reading your new books! Christine x

Margaret said...

I really want to get that Hands Across the Sea Sampler, but I've been trying not to buy since I'm not cross stitching much. Very sad. Love your choices though. Nice win on the books too! Loved The Rosie Project! And I think I read Us too -- also good. Enjoy! (I thought I commented on this post before. Guess not! Whoops!)