Monday, 17 March 2014

Spring Bunny Love Stitching Done

I can hardly believe I am writing this but it's true I have completed the stitching for my Spring Bunny Love, yay I've finished a piece of stitching - my first for 2014 but hopefully not my last! There were a few technical hitches such as having to unpick and re-stitch the entire upper body of the girl bunny. I wasn't happy with the position of her ears, don't know why but it was annoying me so unpicked and moved them over a stitch, much happier now. The body had to be done again as I wasn't happy with a dark stripe that appeared within the stitching, not stitching in straight lines helped solve that wee problem so I've got happy bunnies now which makes me happy!

The bunnies eyes are stitched with black silk thread as I could not find for love nor money my black DMC threads that I know are around here somewhere. I've searched through boxes and bags of supplies, spent a frustrating afternoon hauling out old needlework kits to see if there were any black thread remnants  ( does anyone else keep all there old threads and kits together or is it just me I wonder?) but no luck. They will be hiding someplace ready to reappear when I least need them. Anyway the bunnies now have lovely shiny black eyes, not that it shows up very well in the photo the light here is poor today and my photography skills are not the greatest either.

I wish I could take better photos the colours in reality are much brighter and not so dark as they appear in the above pictures. Although I've completed the stitching there is still the finishing to be done which if  I am honest with myself is not one of my favourite past times. However my aim for this year was not just to get the stitching done but to properly finish each piece off  so with that I am off to look for my tin of trims and see what backing fabrics I have ....  let's just hope they are not in the same place as the black threads!

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