Monday, 31 March 2014

Grey days and socks

It was Mother's Day yesterday and I hope that for those that were celebrating that you all had a wonderful day. My children treated me to breakfast in bed and entertainment in the form of a song and dance routine that they performed while I was waiting and to top it all off they cleaned up afterwards can't get better than that!

These are the wonderful cards that they made for me the girls cards have removable vases of flowers that double as book marks rather clever I thought and very handy too.

The weather however has not been so nice very grey and cold here, the above pic is what we have 
been getting weather wise for the last few days it's just plain dreary! No rain but just this grey fug hanging around, where oh where has the sun gone?   It's so cold we still have the heating on high and dug out the scarves today brrrr as we had to head out for a visit to the dentist a trip I never look forward too but all was ok for all of us today phew!!! We stopped off at the supermarket on the way home for some essentials and they had some rather sad and pathetic looking daffs reduced to pennies. The kids wanted to rescue them so a couple of bunches came home with us we did have to toss a few but the rest after a couple of hours in water have started to perk up and they are a lovely splash of colour in this grey spell we are in.

Aren't they lovely.

Please excuse the state of my kitchen table it is worked hard in this house, not just for meals but also for crafting, homework and game playing. One day I will strip the top and re finish it.
Sadly I don't have an update to show of my sampler house as I have only managed a couple of rows so I will wait till I have a bit more stitched before sharing a progress picture. However I have not been idle, oh no indeedy not look at what I have been up to.

What is it? Well it's meant to be a sock .....or at least the start of one. I have no idea what possessed me, I have never knitted socks before in my life and have never had the urge to either! We were in Dundee on Saturday as hubby had to get something and while waiting on him I wondered into a wool shop that was next door.....and before I knew it I was standing outside with a brown paper bag with some sock wool and circular needles in it oops! I picked a nice simple pattern from Ravelry the pattern is called socks on a plane by LaLa knits. The pattern is straight forward to follow and Iam amazed I've got this far Ive made many mistakes and those circular needles are a pain in the neck they are sooo darn springy but Iam having the moment. I am not sure about the wool I liked the mix of colours when I was in the shop but not so keen on how it's knitting up it's all rather too splodgy and reminds of tie dye which I was never overly fond of.  Oh well I wonder if this sock will ever end up as a pair?...


Maggie said...

Awww, the hand made cards are just beautiful, and breakfast in bed such a treat too!
I shall look forward to watching your socks progress, i have always wanted to try and knit socks but i'm just not brave enough to try yet!

Margaret said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day! So with the socks, are you using the magic loop method??? I'm afraid of that. lol! I've never knitted socks either, but one of these days I will try. I want to try other things first though. :D Love your stitching project on your last post!

Ali said...

Thanks for your lovely comments girls, if you decide to give socks a try I found this tutorial brilliant for the magic cast on really simple honestly!

Carol said...

Hello, Ali! I wanted to drop in and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post a couple of weeks ago. I've been away and am just now getting back to thank my readers! I loved reading of your Mother's Day--my boys are all grown and gone now, but they always were so sweet on Mother's Day like your children :)

The daffodils and your socks are so pretty--hope Spring is appearing in Scotland!