Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tea and heels

It's the school holidays here and I am off too as the weather is still grey and dreary in our little part of Scotland and due to the cold and the rain the kids and I have decided to stay at home for the day. Hubby requested some flapjacks and as I had some eggs and bananas needing used up it's turned into a baking day.
We like our flapjacks chewy and chunky!
Next it was a banana loaf that is destined for packed lunches so into the freezer it will go once it's cooled completely.
This banana loaf is from a Mary Berry recipe but I changed the caster sugar for brown sugar. I am not a fan of bananas in cakes which is probably just as well or the loaf may not make it to the freezer! I've still been knitting you can see the sock in the background, with the oven being on its warm and cosy in the kitchen so daughter no2 and I are camped out in here.
I still had one little egg left that needed to be used up so made a half batch of coconut iced buns.
We only need 5 buns for after tea so what to do with the spare bun.....Mmm....time for a tea break! I love an occasion to use mums china. 

I wish you could join me for a cup of tea and a bun too.

Ah somebody thinks I that I should share as he can't wait till tea time.
That boy is quick!
Ok tea breaks over, in between baking I've been staying cozy in the kitchen and knitting some more on my socks I've started knitting the heel now, need to concentrate on this bit as there is lots of counting and turning rows.
Getting there.

Another cup of tea and some serious concentrating and it's done! A heel woohoo! Trying not to think about the fact I have to knit another after this.

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Maggie said...

Ohhh I love cake, and your iced coconut cakes look lovely :-)
Can I come for tea please, lol