Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A little Sunshine and progress

I have been continuing my morning walks which last week had been in glorious sunshine....sorry this is going to be photo heavy.
 At the start of the woods
Walking alongside the railway line.

The old disused railway buildings.

The Lomond Hills in the background.

Swans in a water filled disused quarry.

I just loved the look of these brambles against the lichen encrusted wall.

Common Elder berries they just looked so pretty against the green.

This is the river Eden that runs through my village I have to cross this little bridge on my walk.

Doesn't the red of these geraniums look great in the sun?

Looking across the fields nearly home now. 

I love how these wild flowers are growing against the wall of this cottage. 

This is how my morning walks have been looking, lovely sunshine, most unlike weather for this time of year here. I've even been venturing out in t-shirts *gasp* it's October and Scotland for goodness sake...unheard of lol. Sorry to bore you all with these snaps but I wanted a wee reminder for the grey days ahead.

I do have some stitchy stuff to share with you. I ordered this gorgeous bit of Halloween fabric to back my La D Da piece I love the fun characters and I also ordered a piece of this black velvet ric rac it is soo tactile I can't stop feeling it!

I've also finally got round to blocking my settlers shawl just waiting for it to dry now.


Maggie said...

Ohhhh I love that shawl, very pretty.

Don't apologise for sharing a lot of photos! I love to see a blog with lots of photos, makes for a more interesting post :-)

Vickie said...

Your walk photos are not boring at all. They are lovely.
That shawl is just gorgeous!

Mary said...

Oh Ali, what a sumptuous post! I enjoyed all the lovely scenery of you home. There's something so invigorating about a brisk walk in bright crisp air, no matter where you take it.

Love your beautiful shawl! You'll be glad to have it in the days not too far ahead.

Kim said...

So many lovely spots to see on those walks of yours. I love your settler's shawl, it is such a pretty pattern and colour.

Mereknits said...

First you show us those gorgeous photos of the countryside and then that beautiful shawl, well done on the walks and that shawl my friend,

Brigitte said...

These pictures make me want to take this walk myself. Gorgeous views underway.
Your shaw looks so great and the backing fabric that you found fits every Halloween piece perfectly.

Margaret said...

Oh that shawl!!! Gorgeous! Love the pics from your walk. I've only been to London and that recently. I so want to go back, to visit Scotland and the UK and London again. So beautiful!

Annette-California said...

Your shawl is so Gorgeous! Thank you for taking us on your lovely walk. Beautiful photos. love Annette