Friday, 30 October 2015

Wales part two

Goodness I had hoped to post this earlier but it has been rather hectic round here this week. Hoping things settle a bit over the weekend, I just don't do hectic very well.
I promise this will be the last post on my welsh holiday for those who are thinking 'oh no not more holiday snaps' *grin*
One of the holiday highlights was visiting the National Wool Museum of Wales in Llandysul Carmarthenshire.
These fun guys were waiting for us at the car park.
The museum is housed in the old Cambrian Mills which used to produce blankets and shirts. The old mill machinery has been restored and is run at certain times during the day unfortunately we missed them running but I can imagine the noise when the machines are all running! I didn't get any pics of the wool exhibits as I left my phone with hubby wahhhh!  There was an amazing array of blanket styles, clothing and exhibits of art and design students work from local colleges.
I did manage to snap this on the way out, isn't it amazing! a map of the surrounding area all done in wool by a local group.
I fell in love with the Welsh wool blankets they come in an amazing array of colours and patterns but sadly they were a little out of my budget. 

But not to be thwarted I treated myself to these gorgeous lavender bags made from Welsh wool blanket scraps. I can't tell you how soft and snuggle and gorgeously scented they are! 

I just love that spotty pattern. I will have to save up and go back one day to get the whole blanket. 
While we were in the area we also visited New Quay Honey Farm.
This amazing contraption allowed you to open up a hive and see the bees busy at work. Soo glad they were behind glass though.
My little bee keeper!
 We of course visited a lot of castles and stately homes while we were away but I have to say that Manorbier Castle was by far our favourite.
This was the view from the car park and there was a steep climb up to the castle itself. 

 Manorbier is not a big castle but beautifully proportioned.
Hubby took these photos for me as I was too much of a scardey cat to climb up onto the remains of the battlements. I got up the stairs where you can then walk out on the remains of the wall and there is a small metal barrier but it just didn't look substantial enough for my liking lol. Hubby and son scoffed at us girlies and walked out while we girlies walked back down to terra firma. 

The weather was amazing look at that blue sky. 

This was the walk back down to the car park, do you see the sea over there? 

Well there was also a beach! The kids and I had great fun down here while hubby read a book in the car. 
We did some rock pooling. 

Building dams to hold back the sea. 

Not too successfully. 

Not to be thwarted, another try! 

Time to go home.

As promised I also have a couple of progress pics to share.
I've still to add a name but otherwise done.

I started this using two strands of thread over two however it looked very loose and chunky if that makes sense and frankly it was going to end up enormous. Soooo I ripped it out and started again using one over one only problem is that some of the colours were made by mixing two different coloured strands so I am having to make some executive decisions about colours. Oh well it will be unique. Thank you for stopping by.


Vickie said...

What lovely pictures you have shared Ali.
You could make the first part of the cross in one color, then top the cross stitch in the second part of the color. I have done this before when doing one over one.

Kim said...

It is lovely to wander with you through the photos of your holiday. I too would have had to have my feet firmly planted on terra firma. Love all those castles. It seems to me they abound in your part of the world. Those spotty blankets are gorgeous aren't they.....yes you will have to save up your pennies and acquire one of them one day. The blanket of the map of the surrounding showcasing the clever artisans is rather spectacular isn't it. It does look as if you all have had the best holiday!

Brigitte said...

So wonderful to see all your pictures that you shared from your holidays in Wales. The National Wool Museum must have been a very special treat for you. I love the little pillows you bought there.

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Ali! Looks like you had a marvellous holiday and I love the wool map! Beautiful projects you are working on too! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x